Company Guru is the perfect tool to increase your sales and an exhaustive source of the latest company related information. Collect data on your competitors and the market with our user-friendly database. Make better decisions, mitigate risks, and identify trends in your industry.

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Complete source of business data

Dealing with customers in debt can be costly and interfere with your everyday work. Avoid these situations by using our portal. Create a precise and efficient evaluation of your prospective and potential partners by making their financial statements available to your team. This way they can confidently plan next moves for months ahead and intelligently manage the risk. You can find an array of business information, including balance sheets, earnings and expense reports.

Available functionalities include:

  • Quick company search
  • Company profile
  • Activity Review
  • Finance
  • Directors
  • Management structure
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Control panel

The Control Panel offers an overview of your company history searches using the date of the inquiry. In case you’ve located and forgot a search result, easily rediscover it by browsing through this panel.

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Quick search

Searching for companies and related parties is easy and includes all registered companies in Bulgaria. Suggestive search allows you to see the ones with a similar name, regardless if you’ve entered only a part or full name.

Dig into company data using:

  • Company name 
  • Begining of the company name
  • Unified Identification Code - UIC
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Search Criteria

If several companies meet the search criteria, Company Guru will propose a list containing the business name, UIC, status (active / inactive) and the registered activity. Companies who share or have similar names, but different core business will be easily detected.

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We continually upgrade our extensive business database to improve data access and help users find companies that matter to their business.

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Company profile

Company Guru lets you easily track company changes such as new name, status, address, and much more. The management structure shows you who the business owners are, and how many there are, as well as their ownership percentage.

Find detailed financials, documents and similar companies, including your clients and partners in the click of a button. 

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Basic search data includes:

  • Status of the legal entity
  • Number of employees in the company
  • Revenue from operating activities
  • Net result
  • Capital

Additional search data:

  • Full business name
  • UIC and VAT number
  • Date and manner of incorporation
  • Telephone and seat and management address
  • Email and web address
  • Legal form and main activity of the company
  • Form of bookkeeping
  • Sources of funding
  • Date of deletion and termination of a commercial activity
  • Directors

Detailed overview of the activities

Company Guru allows you to find the precise moment when any alteration is made to the company you are following. They can range from financial, status, to changes in general business information, and many more. You can retrospectively review any major changes in a particular business with just a quick look at the timeline.

Some of the data and metrics available for the companies you are looking for:

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Financial reports are a safe and practical way of verifying the success of each business. We have optimized the performance of the information by creating an option to compare the finances of several companies at once.

  • Balance sheet
  • Statement of income and expenses
  • Financial indicators

Create charts with desirable metrics. Select how you want to know if a company's business is growing and developing, stagnant or falling.

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Management structure

Company Guru provides data about the real company owners and the capital behind it. Explore the business structure, reveal their true owner and percentage of ownership. .


If you are interested in finding who manages the company, the representatives and members of the board of directors, Company Guru will find these answers.

Information about the people who run the company speaks a lot about their interests, goals and the way they are achieved.

  • Name and surname of the representatives and members of the board of directors
  • Their position and term of occupying it
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The list of companies allows you to keep your customers, prospects, or suppliers in one place. You can access in no time business information of companies within the list and refine and update your lists as you go. The best of all is that you can export lists data and enrich your CRM.

With Lists feature, you can:

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